All About Religion

Various religions see gold in different ways. They have common points and divergent ideas. Nevertheless, gold is always connected to spirituality. Its beauty and rarity made it essential for people all over the world and for illustrating their beliefs. More on spirituality and christian books at

Many ancient people had gods representing the Sun. The Romans had Apollo, the embodiment of the Sun, the god of the day, of the light, and of the arts. It is no wonder that they used gold in their temples, statues, or ritualistic objects. That is why in front of the Colosseum, they had a huge statue of Nero as a sun god. This statue was covered in gold leaf when it was first designed.

The Egyptians had other names for their gods, but their supreme divinity was Ra, the god of the Sun. In their religion, gold had a very important part. It was a divine metal as it represented the flesh of the gods. This precious metal often appeared in burial chambers as it was thought to be connected to immortality. That is why it was used in making masks of the kings and queens along with precious stones.

With Christianity, a new god was placed above all. It offered people a monotheist religion, which took pride in being the true one. Nevertheless, just like in previous cases, in this religion, too, gold was the symbol of the light of god. The Jewish word for light sounds very similar to the word they use to call this metal. The images used in churches and in statues and religious icons have in common the fact that all the saints and God have their heads surrounded by a golden aura.

Apart from the association of gold with representations of divine beings, all religions ignore the commercial use of this precious metal. The Egyptians haven’t used it in trade for many years, while the Christians had a real cult for poverty. That is why buying gold as crucifixes, religious symbols, small statues, and icons is in harmony with any of the major religions in the world. But they all preach the idea of finding the small joys in life, others than the desire to gather fortune.